AIM One Year Business Plan

Starting a Global Business has never been this easy…

This image above shows what the power of TWO can create in just 12 months. Network marketing is all about duplication. That is, you must teach everything you know and not hide anything from your down-lines or uplines, and that is one thing I love about this business.

If your down-lines don’t grow, you won’t grow too, unlike the corporate world, where you have to compete, keep secret and push your colleagues down in order to get that promotion or a salary raise.

My uplines and partners, Mr Nnamdi Anyachukwu (The First Global Ambassador and Hall of Fame in Africa) and Mrs Chinwe Anyachukwu (The First Female Global Ambassador in Africa), taught me everything there is, in this business and that was what propelled me to success in a very short period of time. I’m in turn doing the same thing, with the hope that you’ll end up Joining this great business of ours.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

What the image explains is simple. Starting from just TWO people in a month, for example say January, 2024. And making sure you teach your first TWO how to get their own TWO in just 30 days.

The same thing goes for the FOUR under your TWO in a month, they in turn have to teach their TWO what you’ve taught them.

Keeping this on (making sure everyone invites just two) every single month. By the end of January, 2025, you must have earned a whooping sum of ₦14,336,000/$37,431.86 ($ ~ Foreign prospects).

If you purchased Multiple Accountsthen the sum would be the multiplication of the sum above by the number of accounts you have (Check Image above).

Now we both know this might not be the case in real life, as some people can only afford to invite just one, some can invite more than 10 in 30 days (I’ve seen it happen) or maybe no one at all. But let’s say you make just 50% of the sum in just a year, is that bad business? Be the judge.

The above plan is just for the Matched sales bonus only. This is only one of the six ways you can earn in Alliance in Motion Global. Take that decision today and change your life!